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How To Choose A Hosting For A Site


21 Dec. 2020

Hosting for a website is a service for placing website files on the Internet. Companies that provide custom hosting services are called hosting providers. Hosting is a place on a virtual disk, as well as software that runs around the clock and ensures that your site is always available to visitors from anywhere in the world.

Choosing the right hosting means stable operation of your site, its availability, high speed and protection. It is important to know the basic criteria for choosing a hosting, which parameters to pay attention to in the first place.

If you're building a company website, tweaking it, and wasting time on design and user interface - all these efforts can be wasted if you host the site with a bad hosting provider. In this article we will try to briefly and as clearly as possible describe the basic rules for choosing a reliable and efficient hosting with optimal parameters for hosting your site.

Basic Hosting Parameters

All Internet resources that provide site hosting services offer Tariff packages with different characteristics. There are not many such parameters, and you should pay attention to them.

  • -All Internet resources that provide site hosting services offer Tariff packages with different characteristics. There are not many such parameters, and you should pay attention to them.

  • -Hosting Provider Reputation

  • -Always look at the reputation and reviews of the provider. Each has something of a disadvantage.

  • -Server localization - this parameter is very important, especially if the audience of your site will be predominantly from some country or region. Some providers make it possible to choose the location of the servers when ordering hosting, and if you specify them from the same location, you can significantly speed up the work of the site for visitors due to the minimum polling time.
  • -Space Size in MB - Once you've decided on the first two points, it's worth thinking about the size of hosting you'll need. For a small business card site of the company, 500 MB will be enough, while for a portal or online store, more than 15GB may be needed. From our experience, for one post or product you need about 1MB, you also need a reserve to store the site database and backups. So, for example, for an online store with 1,000 products, you will need 1-1.5 GB of space

  • -Databases - is there database support in your plan. Most sites and management systems use databases, so this functionality should be provided. Now the availability of MySQL and PhpMyAdmin is already a standard, but it is better to check this information with technical support.

  • -Service and technical support - When starting and debugging a website, there are many questions and technical issues that need to be resolved. To do this, you need to contact those support. Pay attention to whether the provider's website has contact numbers, what is the support schedule, whether there is an online chat for correspondence. Good providers provide 24/7 customer support and respond very quickly to inquiries Hosting cost - Tariffs are based on the quality, reliability, cost of hardware and software. Since the competition is high, providers will not raise tariffs so as not to lose customers, but services are not provided cheaper than the cost price. Now the standard price for 1 GB of hosting ranges from 10-15 USD.

Nice Digital Studio - We Choose And Configure The Best Hosting For You

Choosing a hosting provider is not an easy task. Most often, before starting work, you will not understand what hosting is. In the process, nuances emerge that are not reflected in any way in the description, tariffs and advertising. You can be guided by reviews - this is perhaps the best option. Or a rating review like ours - it shows really noteworthy options.

When we develop a website for our clients, we select hosting according to their needs and requests. We develop a website from A to Z. From studying the market and competitors to supporting the site and promoting it in search queries and of course hosting support. If you want a website from the best team - write to us, we will be glad to cooperate with you!

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