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UX / UI design trends 2021


3 Jan. 2020

Nice Digital Studio Blog - UX / UI design trends 2021

The digital world does not stand still. Many rules and trends in UX / UI design change from year to year, all of them undergo changes under the influence of new technical and visual solutions.

The main task of the site is to attract and retain the attention of the target audience, and then to ensure that the user who gets to the web resource performs the desired target action. Since there are a large number of sites on the Web now, it is difficult to surprise a user who visits dozens of these resources every day. Here fashion trends of modern web design come to our aid.

9 UX / UI design trends in 2021

The main trends of UI / UX design in 2021 will be aimed at creating a unique design solution with a convenient user interface. Thanks to this, modern websites will look completely different.

High quality photos and videos

Sliders are a thing of the past. Instead, huge 4k images and videos look much better with little or no text. Some people on the home page don't need anything else.

Nice Digital Studio Blog - High quality photos and videos

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Asymmetric layouts

If you look at most quality sites, you can see that they were built using grids. This is a great approach to help streamline the structure of your site and keep the visitor focused on the right things. But on the other hand, all sites built on grids are very similar to each other. A decrease in the uniqueness of the site badly affects the promotion in search engines and the need to stand out from competitors.

Therefore, one of the expected trends for 2021 is asymmetry in design. An opportunity to move away from the rigor of the grids, to individuality and self-expression.

Nice Digital Studio Blog - Asymmetric layouts

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Large typography

Big and bold titles are becoming more popular and looking better, so in 21 years there will be more sites with this feature.

Typography 2021 strives for broken lines, asymmetries, and textures.

Nice Digital Studio Blog - Large typography

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Dark theme

This trend cannot be called new, but filling interfaces with black is very popular, just pay attention to the trend that Instagram, Apple are already using in their products, which added the option of having an alternative dark theme.

Nice Digital Studio Blog - Dark theme

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3D renders

It can often be seen on websites and landing pages of online services, complementing and modeling the visual space.

Very interesting prospects for rendering objects await in online stores, as you can see on the website Nike.

Nice Digital Studio Blog - 3D renders

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Floating elements and soft shadows

Adding a drop shadow or floating effect is possible to any web design element. This gives a sense of lightness and at the same time increases depth, creating the effect of visual immersion in the image.

Nice Digital Studio Blog - Floating elements and soft shadows

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Blending photos with graphics

The use of real photographs mixed with illustrations gives an unusual visual effect, also forms an individual style and helps the site stand out.

Nice Digital Studio Blog - Blending photos with graphics

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In conclusion about UI / UX design trends in 2021

The main trends of UI / UX design in 2021 will be aimed at creating a unique design solution with a convenient user interface. We also advise you not to forget that each new introduced trend on the site should simplify the user's life and lead him to take the necessary targeted action, and not vice versa.

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